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New innovative system BolgenOS - the Power of Beauty!

Fundamentally New Wallpapers for BolgenOS

We are glad to preset you Fundamentally New Wallpapers for BolgenOS. For thouse of you for whom even the new Bolgenos Wallpaper is not enough! Порно с геями

Principle differences of BolgenOS

- Comparative size on system hard drive. After installation, the system takes up only 1.7 gigabytes. (Some people have stopped me and offered to use the existing distributions eeeXubuntu, Lubuntu and others, but I need a desktop GNOME, library Qt (some applications require this library, including my programs - Anti-Popova and OgenBrowse (in the near future A package of programs will increase until will not be fully established its kernel and compiler))

- Beautiful design (themes, icons, wallpaper on your desktop. (Unfortunately, some users are negatively assessed clearance system, but I uchtu this, and version 1.5 will be completely universal design designed for the tastes of all users)).

Principle differences of BolgenOS

- Compared with several Linux distributions systems, as well as with external systems (Windows and other), Bolgenos focuses on a simple office suite programs (since not all users require a complete package of office applications and includes all the features), but you can install and complete package, for example OpenOffice. At the moment, this package includes a simple application: Abiword (word processor, an alternative to MS Word), Gnumeric (spreadsheet, an alternative to MS Excel).

- The majority of developers and programmers, hobbyists, lightweight IDE Geany is the best tool in this area. Since schools are held programming contests, but they are mostly in Pascal, then in the Bolgenos was included this language compiler (fpc - Free Pascal Compiler). For his graphic use, the user can use the IDE Geany, indicating lights Pascal. Also users can use the development environment for library Qt.

- Work with the Internet has become even faster. Now in the Bolgenos is OgenBrowse, web browser developed specifically for distribution on the basis of code Bolgenos Arora (Webkit), supporting the regime of tabs, playing Flash animation, javascript, save passwords and private mode. As the torrent client uses a convenient Deluge.

totally new browser OgenBrowse

BolgenOS review from Russian Net Specialists

BolgenOS - new generation revolutionary OS Review

About Bolgenos

Bolgenos - an operating system created on the basis of Ubuntu Linux. This distribution is used as a base for my operating system. I intend to create a universal operating system contains everything you need for any user profile. This means that the system is suitable for users of the Internet ("Chatlanina"), office workers (spreadsheets, documents), webmaster, designer and programmer.

01/06/2010 PM Denis Popov

The Main Feature of BolgenOS

The primary difference from other operating systems is Bolgenos own "Popov Antivirus", working only in this system, Super-Fast-Load in 5 seconds, and of cource - a lot of wallpapers!

BolgenOS Successes: Bolgenos be in all schools.

Bolgenos be in all schools in Nizhny Tagil. Then Russia. Then the whole world.

switch to BolgenOS

Department of Education Nizhny Tagil has ordered the beginning of the school year to install a new operating system in all schools. Over its 16-year-old Denis Popov worked for almost a year on after-school classes in computer science. His invention called Denis Bolgenos os ("Bolgenos" (ispan.) - Fireball, "os" - the operating system). After the city competition of essays, where Popov and his program won first place, the project pupils learned the Education Department of Nizhny Tagil. Operating system they liked. And even more like the words of Dennis that he was not going to sell my baby, and is ready to share it with you for free.

- Next year, all schools in the city expires license Windows, and need considerable funds to prolong it - told the press service of the Education Department of Nizhny Tagil. - In connection with this decision was made in all educational institutions of the city to replace the Windows operating system Denis Popov. Teachers of informatics support this proposal and approved.

This is a victory!

Future Plans

- Free office suite Office of Communication (several versions: full and lite)

- Append existing browser - OgenBrowse - get rid of the code Arora, switch completely to your. Eliminate the recently identified errors browser and optimize code.

- Antivirus-Popova - to fully complete antivirus package allows you to protect your computer from viruses, intrusions and rootkits.

— QuadBDE - desktop environment which will replace GNOME (almost finalized, but runs as a regular application). It uses Qt 4.6, and wins in performance compared to GNOME.

There will be a new version of Bolgenos Education, designed for educational institutions, and contains the full range of educational programs.

Draft Bolgenos - a project with long term support, will allow you to look at the world differently. Ubuntu - it is good convenient, but Bolgenos be the best substitute for this system. Windows - also a good system, but unfortunately she paid (not small money is worth its license), as well as many errors during system operation.

Bolgenos in Press

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Download BolgenOS

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Download BolgenOS from our site

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Download BolgenOS from DepositFiles
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Disclaimer: this site is just a funny joke in the whole BolgenOS madness :)
And don't forget that BolgenOS is just another one restyled Ubuntu-based disto.